Our expertise provides clients with a comprehensive delivery of services for negotiations of larger and more complex transactions. For office users, this translates to providing quality services for a maximum cost savings and bottom-line results.

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The partners are dedicated to the process which is broken down into four phases:
1. Strategic Assessment
2. Market Assessment
3. Letter of Intent/Lease Negotiations
4. Construction/Move In

1. Strategic Assessment
- Understand Strategic Plan/Vision for the Company
- Understand Existing Location (Benefits and Drawbacks)
- Understand Parking/Location Requirements
- Future Growth/Contraction Plans
- Create Real Estate Goals and Objectives for Company
- Amenity Requirements
- Size and Space Utilization Analysis
- Buy/Develop/Own vs. Lease Analysis
- Exterior Signage Requirements
- Review Existing Lease

2. Market Assessment
- Market Analysis and Survey (Availability of Alternatives/Pricing)
- Ownership Opportunities and Financial Projections
- Site Tours of Potential Properties
- Preliminary RFPs for Property Owners
- Test Fits of Space vs. Requirements
- Preliminary Pricing of Potential Locations
- Existing Location Rental Expectations Based on the Market

3. Letter of Intent/Lease Negotiation
- Detailed Term Sheet Negotiations Including Tenant Improvement Allowance
- Financial Analysis Based on Response of RFP and LOI Negotiations
- Execute Letter of Intent
- Work With Legal Counsel in Finalizing Lease Agreement

4. Construction/Move In
- Advise and Interview Architects and Contractors
- Bid Analysis, Contract Negotiations, and Execution of Contracts

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